Rip digital Packs
to chase REAL physical cards
Jordan 10
Someone WILL claim these EXACT cards and more in Drop 2
(unless they cash out first)
Real Drop #2 Cards

No purchase required. Trading packs are sweepstakes and legal in all 50 states.

How it works

The “hits” in Packs are RAZZ entries to win cards
A RAZZ entry is an entry to win a specific real world physical card.
You get 1 RAZZ entry per pack for a random real card on the set list. (1 Pack = 1 Entry)
The placement of the RAZZ entries in Packs is 100% verifiably randomized.
Each of the REAL physical cards in the drop will have 2,048 RAZZ entries.
The total MSRP of Packs sold for any specific drop will approximate the underlying prize pool. Blokpax has the best pack cost-to-value ratio in the hobby. Nothing else really comes close.
After a drop you will have about 1 week to trade the RAZZ entries among yourselves.
About a week after the drop (at a set time), half of the RAZZ entries will be randomly eliminated. That’s right. Your RAZZ entries either survive a series of 50-50 elimination rounds…or they don’t. Every elimination is also verifiably randomized.
If your RAZZ entry survives any elimination, your odds of getting the REAL-world physical card just DOUBLED.
Once these first rounds of eliminations are complete, there will be 64 RAZZ entries remaining for each card.
Now it’s time to swim with the SHARKS!
Starting with the round of 64, EVERY holder of a live RAZZ entry will receive a buyout offer from a mysterious group known as the RAZZ Sharks.
The RAZZ Sharks would love nothing more than to buy you out and take your place. Remember they are called sharks for a reason! Make sure you don’t get chomped. (Note: Razz Sharks is just a made up name for fun. The offers come from Blokpax as the promotion administrator.)
Elimination rounds will continue. 64 becomes 32. 32 becomes 16 etc., until only 1 winning RAZZ entry remains.
At each step your buyout offer from the RAZZ Sharks will get bigger and bigger.
When only 1 RAZZ entry remains (or everyone had paper hands and cashed out), the winner will receive a "Vault Proof" that is fully redeemable for the underlying card.
You can request to have the REAL physical card shipped to you at any time or you can sell the “Vault Proof" and the redemption rights to someone else.
If you keep your new “Vault Proof" there are no credit card issues and you don’t need to know and trust the person you are selling to. You are protected from non-payment and there are no charge backs. And the card is safe and insured in our vault. The future of how to sell trading cards is here with Blokpax “Vault Proofs".
So, will you have diamond hands and hold on? Or will you cash out while you are ahead?
These choices make Blokpax an amazing white-knuckle ride to the finish.
The odds of any single RAZZ entry making it from the pack to the Shark rounds is 1 in 32. Given the high value of cards in these drops, we think those are pretty good odds.
How do I evaluate the comp value of a drop?
Let us start with saying that Packs are not investments and nothing in this response is investment advice.
The value of Packs and the RAZZ entries they hold is interestingly complex.
The RAZZ entries are simply a 1 in 2,048 chance to win a specific card.
We currently sell Packs for $5 each.
So, for any one card we sell $10,240 worth of RAZZ entries.
The easy math says that for any card worth $10k or more the Packs were a “good” buy and anything under was a “bad” buy.
But that simple look fails to consider 3 other important value considerations.
No other contest would offer to buy YOU out when you get closer to the prize and STILL risk giving the prize to someone else.
  • This means a RAZZ entry for a card worth $8,000 could come out of a pack and you think “Awe shucks, I’m 20% under water to start”.
  • But what if the dust settles and the sharks did $4,000 of buyouts but the person with the winning entry didn’t cash out?
  • In this scenario, the total value paid out would be $12,000 ($8,000 card plus $4,000 cash outs), which means those RAZZ entries were paid 20% “in the money” and not under water at all.
The community trading period allows you a week to swap your entries around and chase only cards YOU want to collect. For collectors, “value” is in the eye of the beholder and which cards you would like to have in your collection and which ones you don’t matters.
There’s one last intangible to the value of Packs. Entertainment value. Which entries did I get? What can I do with them during community trading window? What will my offers be if I make the round of 64? Every cash out or not decision is fun and engaging. Again, this isn’t a value that can go into a spreadsheet but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
So, when you combine all of this, you can get a more complete idea of Packs “value”.
In most similar promotions you just take the value of the prizes divided by the number of entries to determine a theoretical value. However, since a lot of the prize decisions with Blokpax are up to YOU, the participants, it’s not that simple.
Is Ripping Packs Legal in My State?
All Blokpax Drops are sweepstakes. They are bonded in NY and Florida for the full prize value. Blokpax drops are legal in all 50 states and Canada.
What Do I Do Next?
Sign up to create your free account and be ready for the next drop!
IMPORTANT: Nothing said here is investment advice and Packs are not investments. Official terms & conditions (with all the legalize you ever want to read) will be posted for each specific drop well in advance.