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Jordan 10
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Real Drop #2 Cards

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How it works

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(No purchase is required. Each drop will have official rules that include alternative methods of entry.)

The “hits” in Packs are RAZZ entries to win cards.
A RAZZ entry is an entry to win a specific real-world physical card.
You get 1 RAZZ entry per Pack for a REAL, random card on the set list. (1 Pack = 1 Entry)
The placement of the RAZZ entries in Packs is 100% verifiably randomized.
After a drop, you will have a few days to trade the RAZZ entries among yourselves to choose the exact cards you want to win.
About a week after the drop (at a set time), half of the RAZZ entries will be randomly eliminated. That’s right. Your RAZZ entries either survive a series of 50-50 elimination rounds…or they don’t. Every elimination is also verifiably randomized.
If your RAZZ entry survives any elimination, your odds of getting the REAL-world physical card just DOUBLED.
When only 1 RAZZ entry remains, the winner will receive a "Vault Token" that is fully redeemable for the underlying card.
You can request to have the REAL, physical card shipped to you at any time or you can sell the “Vault Token" and the redemption rights to someone else.
If it sounds a little confusing, don't worry. Try it once and you will pick it up in no time.
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IMPORTANT: Official rules (with all the legalize you ever want to read) will be posted for each specific drop well in advance.