Getting Started with Blokpax

Ready to rip some Pax?

Can't wait to experience the Blokpax adrenaline rush? It is only a few easy steps away. Let us help you get started!

Set up your wallet (and maybe add some funds)

**If you’re already a pro, scroll down to the next section

One of the first things you need for exploring crypto is a "Metamask Wallet." Your Metamask wallet lets you own and trade NFTs.

We strongly recommend using a computer for crypto if possible. On a computer, Metamask is a simple browser extension for Google Chrome or the Brave web browsers. Below is the official Metamask website where you can download and install:

Want to add funds to your wallet to say… buy into a Blokpax Razz?

Only a couple more steps to get there!

We recommend using Coinbase to get your ETH (Ether is abbreviated as ETH. It is the currency for everything you do on the blockchains we use.)

Once you have some ETH in Coinbase, it's very easy to move it to your Metamask wallet and then you are off to the races.

Got more questions? Jump into the Blokpax University Discord for help, team members are available to help 24/7.

Blokpax Setup Wallet Screenshot

Create a Blokpax account

Setting up your account is point and click simple. Just click “Login/Join” at the top of this screen.

Once you have your account, follow the prompts to LINK your Metamask wallet to your account.

Piece of cake!

**MOBILE USERS: You must be using the metamask app browser to link your wallet to your Blokpax account.

You’re now fully equipped to buy into a Razz, either:

Blokpax Create Account Screenshot

Join the Community

Join Discord and start experiencing the thrilling Blokpax gamified experience with thousands of other like-minded collectors.

Discord is a FREE and easy app you can install on desktop or mobile devices. It is a great place to keep up with Blokpax and the latest updates as well as the best place to mingle with the community and take part in all the trading.

Blokpax has two distinct Discord channels. Our Blokpax University Discord is for learning the ropes, while our primary Blokpax Discord is where most of the action takes place!

The Blokpax Ecosystem

Card Geek Hall of Fame

Card Geek Hall of Fame

The Card Geek Hall of Fame serves as a priority pass for users in the Blokpax Ecosystem. Card Geeks get major perks such as first in line access, discounted products, and more. There are 3 different levels of Card Geeks in the following order starting with the best; Legend, Hero, and All Star. Not only do they hold insane utility but they are also a cool PFP NFT you can use to flex.

Shop for a Geek on Opensea!

Blokpax Games

Blokpax Razz

Blokpax Razz — This is the main event! Rip Pax online, survive elimination rounds, and make some tough decisions! Do you want to sell or trade your Razz tokens, or try to be the last one standing and claim awesome physical assets, collectibles, and more!

Common Games — Each Blokpax Infinite Moments NFT comes in a variety of numbered parallels as well as unnumbered “commons.” After each Razz, we play the Common Games, and give you some more tough choices for how you can best utilize your commons to claim your shares of Blokpax Crowdslabs NFTs!

NFT Drops

Blokpax NFT Collections