About Blokpax

You may know him from the trading card scene or Twitter but the guy behind his Punk #2989 likeness has been a serial entrepreneur since Amazon was just a little online bookstore.

The Blokpax team asked Frenchie to write an open letter to the community. Here it is. Unedited.

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m excited to tell you about Blokpax.

But before I jump into Blokpax itself I’d like to share my ethos for the project.


We will take a community first approach and work to exceed the communities’ expectations in all things.

We will strive to build trust above all else.

We will offer fair and transparent pricing.

We will not be afraid that our community might leave our ecosystem and we will enable the maximum amount of decentralization and user choice in our business model as possible.

We will support the responsible growth of our sector as a whole.

Now. Let’s talk some specifics.

Blokpax was born out of my frustrations with the trading card hobby. Specifically how hard it is to do international deals and how it pretty much takes lugging a bag of cash to a card show to truly feel like you got the best and safest deal (not that carrying around bags of cash is particularly safe).

I’ve decided that I’m tired of looking over my shoulder while carrying a bag of cash to a card show. I’m tired of having to get vouches for deals where I don’t know someone. I’m tired of dealing with banks when I try to buy a big card and trigger their fraud protection and have to get on the phone to make it work. I’m also tired of holding my breath when I ship a big card that it makes it safely and that they buyer doesn’t try to push a charge back if the player gets hurt.

When doing card deals I mostly feel like I’m stuck in the stone ages.

Contrary to the card hobby, when I participate in my other realm I feel like I’m witnessing the future. Trustless payments can happen instantly without borders. Why can’t this work for trading cards? Well it can. And we are building it. It’s called Blokpax.

Our goal is to make buying and selling trading cards more liquid, decentralized on a global scale, with less risk.

That’s what Blokpax will be. When a card goes into our vault can be sold to anyone, anywhere in the world and the person holding the token can redeem it for the real physical card at any time.

However, I encourage you to think hard before redeeming a Vault Card. The blockchain opens up a new world of liquidity for your cards.

I understand that many people will just want their cards in their hand. I get it. And I won’t fault you for that. But I really believe over time many will come to see this as a better way.

For me, a world of cards trading seamlessly, digitally, hobby nirvana.

That said, the trading card universe is a tough crowd. The hobby generally rejects change, and few collectors would want to “go first” when it comes to digitizing their cards.

So, the idea for Blokpax Drops and the overall Packs ripping model was born. By digitizing our own cards into Packs using a sweepstakes model we are able to give collectors a new and fun way to win some cards and gain experience with our platform.

Once cards are won they are ready to be freely traded and each one that maintains digital proof of ownership is a step closer to our mission of increasing the global liquidity of trading cards.

I welcome you to the Blokpax community. Let’s have some fun and build something amazing. It will truly take a community. I’m so happy you are here.

Jeff French